“Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.” Emory Austin
Andrea Kmecova, Lost Chord Musician
“I feel very fortunate to be able to connect and communicate through music, and to deliver emotions and happiness to people who really need it. The wonderful thing is that interactive music making at Lost Chord concerts has therapeutic effects on everyone involved, not only those suffering from dementia.” Andrea Kmecova

“Each time I visit, a lady resident asks me if the music is coming. She was a professional ice dancer, and for two hours each month she dances non-stop, recalling her youth. The children of Inglebrook hope to have another concert soon and take up a collection for you…we know every penny is needed.

‘”My husband has severe dementia and cannot recall that he was once a gifted musician. Only on the visits of Lost Chord is there an intelligent glimmer in his eyes and he may gently conduct a few bars. Occasionally the music prompts him to ask me to dance. Without doubt, Lost Chord provide the best two hours of his month!”

Booking a Concert

To book a Lost Chord session contact us. Places on the scheme are very limited and are conditional on a contribution from each home  However we do need to have sufficient funds available to fund the additional cost of each session before we can arrange a series of concerts in your home.

Unfortunately if there is insufficient funding your home will go down on the waiting list until available funding is secured by Lost Chord.

Singing and dancing at Lost Chord

Everyone enjoys dancing to Lost Chord music even when it’s only possible to stand and sway or dance in the chair.

However to avoid waiting until a place becomes available it is possible for the relatives of people with dementia to set up a ‘Friends of Group’ which would then allow them to apply for funding themselves to cover the full cost of each session over a one year period when Lost chord has insufficient funding available.

If any home is interested in finding out more about this and relatives are willing to become involved, so that we can guarantee their loved ones a session for the next year, please contact Lost Chord and get your care home onto our waiting list today.