“Lost chord isn’t just a scheme for taking music to elderly people, it has allowed me to understand the true meaning of music. Being able to play to somebody and getting even the smallest response is incredible. It makes you realise the real reason for being a musician.” – Amanda Whiting.

Growing year-on-year

Lost Chord has expanded by more than 12 times its original size since its inception in 1999 when we visited just 10 homes a month.

We now visit in excess of 130 homes helping to affect the lives of more than 2,500 people with dementia every single month.

Kerry is a supporter who fundraises

Kerry is a supporter who did a skydive to help raise funds for Lost Chord.

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Moved to Tears

This year musicians Jill Padfield and Amanda Whiting wrote to me saying how moved they had been as they saw an elderly resident respond from a comatose state, “We had lots of requests for Elton John, the Carpenters and the Beatles. Brian loved playing the tambourine to the Beatles- thought he was Ringo Starr!

Gary, a new resident, was in a coma. We played Beatles songs, but with “Yesterday” he stirred. One of the carers could pick out sounds – a huge reaction – and his body was moving. I then moved the harp and played some more music of this genre. There were more reactions (he used to be a musician).

The carers were in tears which caused a lot more around the room. It was very emotional and very moving. I have never experienced anything like this.”

Janet, volunteer at Lost Chord Charity

Volunteers – Janet’s Story

Dorothy, who I remembered as being a good singer, was at first reluctant to sing because of bad back pain. Eventually, however, she sang many verses of ‘Kateree’, mostly in Italian.

It was very moving to see her persevering and, despite her pain, giving a lovely rendition of this song which many people requested of her when she was young and won competitions. Christiana danced and kept asking for a beer, and a visitor of hers was moved to tears to see her enjoying herself so much.

Walter was a complete star at dancing and singing and sharing some of his life story, at one point getting so excited his false teeth flew out! Another Dorothy who often reclines wanted to sit up today and, although quiet, attempted some words and hand movements. Anne danced a lot despite a broken arm.