Clear out your cupboards and support the Lost Chord charity shop

IT’S time to clear out your wardrobe of last year’s fashions, empty your cupboards of clutter and help South Yorkshire dementia charity Lost Chord.

The organisation that provides interactive musical experiences for people living dementia in care homes and day centres across the region is planning to open its first charity shop in Rotherham this autumn.

And to make sure the opening is a great success, the charity is now looking for donations of good quality clothing, household items, books, toys, CDs, DVDs and bric-a-brac.

“We’ve made a good start on getting stock together but obviously we are going to need plenty of items to ensure we are always fully stocked and can give our customers the bargains they are looking for,” said Lost Chord Chief Executive Helena Muller.

“Just take a look in your wardrobes and cupboards or on your bookshelves and even in the children’s toy box and you’re bound to find something you or the family no longer need.

“And every item you donate to us will help raise vital funds towards continuing our successful programme of interactive musical experiences for people living with dementia in care homes and day centres across South Yorkshire.”

The charity is also looking for enthusiastic and reliable volunteers to help maximise sales and make the new shop a success.

Supported by a professional shop manager the volunteers will get involved in all aspects of shop work, including serving customers, sorting clothes, spotting premium items, pricing goods and creating window displays.

“This is a great way to become much more directly involved in the work of Lost Chord and help us to bring joy and happiness to people and their families living with dementia,” said Helena.

“We’re looking for people over the age of 18 who are friendly and approachable, have common sense, can use their own initiative and work as part of a team.

“It’d a great way of not just supporting Lost Chord and making new friends but also of gaining some retail experience for which we will be able to provide a reference to prospective employers.”

Anybody interested in making a donation to the shop or working as a volunteer should call 01709 811160 or send us a message.