Father and son complete challenge #2 to raise funds for Lost Chord UK Charity

Stephen Baldwin and his dad had a small break from the three peaks whilst his dad arranged the funeral and memorial for his mum (Stephen’s grand mother), who was the inspiration for all their fundraising adventures.

As they continue to raise funds for Lost Chord UK they have now completed the second leg of challenge #2. Earlier in June they climbed Scafell Pike the tallest mountain in England measuring 978 metres high – followed by Ben Nevis, Scotland, the highest summit in the British Isles at 1,345 metres above sea level!

Stephen shares some highlights from their challenge:
“We had two brilliant weekends, albeit – very different trips. Scafell Pike was completed in boiling hot sun whilst we were graced with hail and heavy rain up Ben Nevis… wet through to the boxer shorts! No matter the weather, we had a brilliant time and enjoyed the scenic drives on both weekends. We even stumbled across some classic cars whilst enjoying some beers at a pub near Scafell Pike, which would have made my Dad’s weekend even better.”

So far Stephen has ticked through challenge #1 (Mount Kenya) and challenge #2 (Three Peaks). The last event for him will take place in mid-September… running three marathons in three days around the Isle of Wight. This final challenge is rather daunting so he has planned to spend the next few months training. In tribute to those living with dementia, he will be taking on this challenge alone with just music and podcasts for company, although he will certainly have a BIG team of friends and family at different checkpoints to provide him with fuel and high fives!

On behalf of everyone at Lost Chord UK we would like to say a heart-filled THANK YOU to Stephen, his father and all of their supporters. You are an inspiration to us all and the fruit of your fundraising achievements will make such a difference to so many of our beneficiaries.

To find out more about supporting Lost Chord UK, please visit our Fundraising page.