High Notes Appeal by Lesley Garrett CBE

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Lesley Garrett's High Notes Appeal for Lost Chord Charity

High Notes Appeal for
Lost Chord

Lost Chord Charity, High Notes Appeal by Lesley Garrett's

Message from Lesley Garrett CBE

We need to raise over £280,000 every year in order to keep our current musical programme running in over 130 residential care homes around the country. However, as word spreads about the beneficial effects of our concerts the demand grows and we now have a big waiting list of residential homes all desperate to utilise our services.

Our concerts have proved hugely beneficial in improving the quality of life of those who struggle to live with dementia but without any statutory funding we have to rely on the generosity of the general public.

So we decided to launch the HIGH NOTES APPEAL to raise an extra £103,400. To provide an extra 40 residential homes with one concert a month for a whole year (except August) – £103,400.

“Dementia is a condition which affects thousands of people, either directly or indirectly, including my own family. I know from experience how music can reach the confused minds of people with dementia when nothing else can.

To see a smile on the face of someone who hasn’t smiled for many months is a very special moment and for a musician who has touched the heart of someone with dementia the joy is incomparable.

Help us to keep them smiling by joining the High Notes Appeal. Support this unique charity which does so much to help both those with dementia and the musicians who serve them”.

Whether you are part of a local community group, school, business, church or an individual can you organise an event to raise funds to contribute to the High Notes Appeal.