We are excited to announce that Lost Chord UK’s 25th Anniversary Appeal has made headlines, featuring in the BBC press and on their morning radio show!

This special coverage highlights our ambitious plans with the help of the public to expand our reach and bring the transformative power of live music to even more people living with the daily challenges of dementia and other neurological conditions.
As part of our 25th anniversary celebrations, we aim to extend our services to 25 new locations across the UK. Creating an Appeal to celebrate all that has been achieved in the last 25 years is part of our commitment to respond to the growing demand for our interactive music sessions, which are designed to uplift and connect people in meaningful ways that improve their mental health and quality of life.
Chief Executive Jean Collingwood shared her vision: “This expansion will enable us to meet the increasing need for our services, bringing joy and connection through live music to even more communities. Just under 1 million people in the UK have dementia, and this is forecast to grow to 1.4 million by 2040. It’s clear that people need our help more than ever, and we want to make sure that we do all we can to make sure that no one faces dementia alone.”
Our professionally trained community musicians and committed volunteers deliver highly engaging sessions in diverse settings that support people at all stages of their journey, from early onset in places like memory cafes, wellness centres, and libraries, to those in more advanced stages in residential and care settings, including one-to-one sessions in end-of-life care. Each interactive session is crafted to stimulate memories, elevate moods, and turbo charge the overall well-being of the people we support.
We are passionate about the difference the universal language of music makes in improving lives. We want to be there for everyone for another 25 years and beyond. We are determined to reach and support people currently without a service and take our home-based Yorkshire Model—a fantastic, welcoming, and supportive community of extremely talented musicians who know how to connect with people—and our stellar volunteers, who are the backbone of our service, and recreate this in places currently without a service, including Cumbria, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dublin.
So we are asking people to spread the word and support our appeal by either donating in sums of £2.50, £25, or more. See our website for how any donation will help, or take up one of our many volunteer roles: become a community session volunteer, educational or fundraising volunteer, care volunteer, or back office supporter, or join us as a trustee. However you choose to support us, your contribution will make a lasting impact and ensure that no one faces dementia and other conditions alone.”  
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