Meet our Community Engagement Musicians

Musicians are listed alphabetically by their surname

LCUK is proud to showcase the musicians who are active in the community either running choirs or community concerts. They are tireless in their commitment to improving the lives and wellbeing of all within their community through the transformative power of music.

Liz Ball

Liz Ball, Lost Chord UK, Community Engagement Musician“Hi there!
My name is Liz and I’m one of the Lost Chord community engagement musicians. I am passionate about bringing people together to experience the joy of making music. With this in mind, I set up ‘ Tea and Tunes’ in my local area of Wakefield with my colleague, Suzi which we have run twice a month since April 2023. We have so much fun in our sessions, learning songs of all genres from boisterous sea shanties to calm and soothing ballads! Watching people’s faces light up when we start singing is the best feeling!”
Lost Chord UK Community Engagement Musician

Sally Glennon

Sally Glennon, LCUK Community Engagement Musician“It brings me great joy to share my love for singing with people in my hometown, my aim in the sessions is to help people find their voice and a release from the pressures and stress of daily life through the healing power of music.

I have seen so many new friendships begin through our Lost Chord UK sessions and this has such a positive affect in our community.

When I see people leave our sessions feeling lifted and full of smiles it makes me so happy. Keep singing! Sally xxx”
Lost Chord UK Community Engagement Musician

Maciek O'Shea

Maciek O'Shea, Lost Chord UK musician“ShShShShShShShSh BE QUIET! – This is Kingston Library!

Not when LCUK are in the house hosting a community music Session. Sing out Loud!!!!

I am thrilled to be a LCUK community engagement musician working in London and the Southeast. Since 2023 I have been helping lead drop-in music-making Sessions at Kingston Library and the Home of Compassion. These Sessions are open to all and are all about having a musical experience and making a connection through music. We sing, dance, breathe, learn, play, chat, reminisce, express our feelings and……. eat delicious pastries. It is wonderful to witness how music can have a such positive effect on our well-being and how it helps us all make new friends.”
Lost Chord UK Community Engagement Musician

Suzi Saperia

Suzi Saperia, soprano Lost Chord UK Musician“I am honoured to be one of the Community Engagement Musicians for Lost Chord UK and have the opportunity to deliver such vital work across God’s own Country Yorkshire; and work closely with colleague Liz Ball to deliver our Tea and Tunes sessions in my hometown of Wakefield. I am passionate about making music accessible to all and since 2014 working with companies including Live Music Now, Wigmore Hall, Leeds Playhouse and now Lost Chord UK has allowed me to witness first hand the transformative nature of singing together. There really is nothing more powerful!”
Lost Chord UK Community Engagement Musician