Meet the team of Lost Chord UK Musicians

Musicians are listed alphabetically by their surname

Tim Abel, Piano

Tim Abel Lost Chord UK musician“I play the piano and I’ve been working for Lost Chord since 2013. Lost Chord has brought joy to the lives of so many people living with dementia related illnesses and I love seeing the transformation that takes place within our concerts. Patients often start sessions silent and subdued, but end them singing and dancing, conjuring up so many happy memories within them – the power of music is incredible. As a freelance musician it’s also a pleasure to work with such an efficient and organised charity that offers the chance to meet and work with some world class singers and musicians.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Rachel Abbott, Soprano

Rachel Abbott Lost Chord UK musician“I have been working for Lost chord since the summer of 2022 and I absolutely love it! The smiles that I see and the moments that lift the pain and sadness from people’s faces make me feel so lucky to be a Lost Chord Musician. I get to sing lots of music that I love from so many genres that I have been singing for a long time, and really feel that these songs make a difference. It is an honour to work for Lost Chord and I am always excited for days working with fantastic people and making a difference.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Will Allenby, Pianist, Baritone, Choir Leader

Will Allenby, Pianist, Baritone, Choir Leader, “I believe that the power of music has a transformative influence in people’s lives.
Since my earliest memories, music and performing has been such a source of solace, escapism, enrichment, joy, healing and regeneration.

One of the most important aspects of working for Lost Chord UK is to be able share this power of music with others. The sessions with Lost Chord build on this in very special ways. Seeing the positive reactions from those living with dementia and their friends, family and carers brings such joy to everyone.

Through having been given the gift of supporting and caring for my dear parents in their twilight years, I grew as a person and developed a better understanding and empathy for people living with challenging conditions.This is an ongoing learning process.
I am honoured and humbled to be able to work with Lost Chord UK.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Liz Ball, Soprano

“I have been performing in care settings since childhood when I used to sing with my school choir in local care homes. Even from such a young age I realised the power music had to raise spirits and provide respite from daily life. I have been a performer for Lost Chord since 2013 and I have witnessed amazing transformations in the concerts when music has helped people to connect back to precious memories and emotions! Watching a person smile or just become calmer while listening to music is such a joy and honour. On a personal level, my elderly grandma has dementia but watching her still able to smile when hearing familiar songs has been uplifting. To be able to feel like I am helping people through music is an absolutely wonderful thing!!!”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Gary Branch, Piano

“I have been delighted to work for Lost Chord with my singing partner Carla Maney since 2016. We have had some of the most uplifting musical experiences playing for wonderful audiences in care homes across South Wales and Yorkshire. The joy that the music brings to people who often remember the songs and music we play clearly enables them to connect to their lives and families in ways which no other experience or therapy can. Performing in these concerts for myself is one of the most magically musical and creative ways to connect people to their lives and bring them together through talking, singing, dance and movement. These concerts bring so much happiness to so many, enriching their lives when they are less able to do it for themselves.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Lisa J Coates, Soprano

“Music is such a connecting force and one I have built both my professional and personal life around. I joined the Lost Chord team in May 2023, and it has proved to be one of the most rewarding roles in my musical career. Whether with tears or with laughter it continues to amaze me how moving music is to so many people, and Lost Chord UK is the ideal way to experience this. “
Lost Chord UK Musician

Kenneth Cormack (Guitar) & Aleksandra Henszel (Flute) Kola Duo

Kenneth Cormack & Aleksandra Henszel (Kola Duo), Lost Chord UK musicians“As a duo we have worked in many different settings but the work we do for Lost Chord is very special to us. Through personal experiences we are aware of the challenges dementia brings to one’s life and we have found music to be an extremely powerful tool to bring back happy memories. It means a lot to us when the sound of a familiar tune gets our wonderful audiences to smile, sing and even dance. Music really is an amazingly powerful thing and it is a pleasure to put it to good use with Lost Chord.”
Lost Chord UK Musicians

Sarah Dunbar, Soprano

“I have had the privilege of working with LCUK as a singer since the start of my career and to say it is a joy would be an understatement. During those years I have witnessed people living with dementia speak, sing and even dance for the first time in months or indeed years. I have seen how music is medicine for the mind; it has the power to transform, heal and edify. What is also wonderful about LCUK is the feeling of community amongst the musicians; you get to be part of a family of like-minded, creative individuals who are motivated to change the lives of those living with dementia.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Sharon Eckman, Mezzo Soprano

“I have worked for Lost Chord as a singer since 2014 and knew immediately that being part of the Lost Chord ‘family’ was special. I have seen people living with dementia sing, dance, smile and laugh during our sessions. This may sound ordinary but it’s not. Music speaks to people in a way no other medium can. It has the power to heal and bring joy even in the darkest of moments. It is often at the core of people’s emotional memory and witnessing this transformation is a joy and a privilege as both a singer and fellow human.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Luke Carver Goss, Accordion / Guitar / Folk singer

Luke Carver Goss,  Lost Chord UK musician“I have been working for LCUK since 1999, since the charity was founded by Helena Muller. During that time I’ve performed and run workshops at hundreds of care homes, drop-in conversation groups, churches, community centres, respite care centres and hospitals. Singing for and with people brings us together and gives us a sense of who we are and what we have done in our lives. There have been many occasions when someone sings a complete song solo to me with all the words. Their carer or family may be alongside them and in tears because they have not heard them speak for months. It seems that music and words can stay in place together after dementia has robbed someone of their ability to speak.

I love the general good feeling of a spirited Lost Chord singalong with our new soup and sing groups. At our singing group at the Quaker Meeting House in Sheffield we also compose a song on the hoof which is met with enthusiasm and sometimes hilarity. At our last meeting the local vicar came in and asked if he could do an Elvis impression! When LCUK hits the high notes, we hit them proud! Come to a Lost Chord session to find out!”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Martin Hamer, Piano

Martin Hamer, Piano, Lost Chord UK Musician“I have worked for Lost Chord UK since 2018. As a freelance pianist based in Yorkshire, I have a wide ranging and varied career of performance and teaching. Being part of the Lost Chord family gives me the opportunity to not only work with other wonderful musicians, but to also witness first hand the power music has on people that suffer from dementia. Hearing stories from residents about the music we perform and how it has triggered memories are particularly special moments in performances. It truly is amazing to be a part of the work that Lost Chord does, they are a fantastic charity that do such essential work.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Gary Hammond, Percussion

“I started working with LCUK in the Autumn of 2022, my musical partner and friend Luke Carver Goss introduced me and I’m very pleased that he did. It’s been a great beginning working with Luke on songwriting, soundscape and groove. The support from Clare has been amazing and her work makes everything run very smoothly. I am a percussionist with many instruments that can also be played very easily by the participants involved. The work LCUK do around Dementia and Mental Health are so important and its vital for so many people to engage with this organisation which puts the participant front and centre of everything we do.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Patricia Hammond, Mezzo Soprano

“My work with Lost Chord has always been in tandem with a full-time career as a professional singer, both going on 20 years now! No matter what country or concert hall I sing in, performing for Lost Chord audiences reminds me what music is really about: compassion, expression, two-way communication between audience and performer, beauty and humanity. And in learning new songs! Previous generations have a lot to teach us. The stories I have heard from the elderly, and the songs they have taught me, have led me to record albums and write a book. People are culture and we must listen with our hearts.” Lost Chord UK Musician

Deborah Holborn, Mezzo Soprano

“I am a mezzo-soprano who loves people and singing! I originally trained as a music therapist and then as an opera singer and now combine the joy of both by working in community music settings. No two concerts are ever the same and you get to meet a variety of amazing people, many of whom you can help through the power of music. I have worked for LCUK since 2017 and am currently on their Steering Group.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Maria King, Piano

Maria King, Lost Chord UK musician“It has always been a mystery to me how music can move a soul… send shivers all around your skin! What is this? Is it magic? do we believe in magic? Well, having done an abundance of Lost Chord concerts over the last few years and knowing that music can spur a person with dementia to react in a positive way or just smile is…. AMAZING! And proof that I do believe in magic! I will continue to serve with all my passion for Lost Chord UK and give what I can until as long as I am able. Life I believe is a ‘song’ and we also love a ‘prayer’ in life… especially if it comes true! Also… happiness is so very important what ever state we are in… smiling! This is what happens when the music and song happens with Lost Chord UK!… Magic.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Andrea Kmecova, Piano

Andrea Kmecova, Lost Chord UK musician“I am a classically trained pianist, and I started working for Lost Chord in 2011, and I was a fresh music college graduate back then. I witnessed so many incredible moments in concerts, which was a blessing as it made me realise just how powerful music can be. Throughout the years, I met many excellent singers and musicians who continue to inspire me today. I feel very grateful for this opportunity, as it shaped me as a musician and also as a person. Furthermore, interactive music-making at Lost Chord UK brings people together, which our world needs today more than ever.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Louisa Lam, Piano and Catrin Lewis, Soprano

Louisa Lam (piano) and Catrin Lewis (voice), Lost Chord UK musicians“Through our work with Lost Chord UK we have experienced how vital music is to those who live with dementia. We have seen first hand that it’s a means of communication, a way of accessing memories, it provides an emotional outlet and also changes behaviour. We love sharing a broad range of genres with our audience members. From opera to pop, and from folk tunes to jazz, music will always spark a conversation, create a connection and bring joy to everyone involved.”
Lost Chord UK Musicians

Kathleen Linton-Ford, Mezzo Soprano

“I have sung with Lost Chord since 2014. The exceptional quality of the music-making sets them apart from other organisations. I love putting into practice what they taught me in our training sessions, and seeing how it really works to awaken memories and restore people to their pre-dementia selves. We are always encouraged to challenge ourselves, and can easily combine a morning singing at people’s bedsides, with an afternoon spent dancing. I especially love taking requests, and never plan a concert in advance. If we can, the pianist and I will perform new repertoire there and then; otherwise, I’ll bring it next time. I’m looking forward to singing some Boney M requested during my last tour!”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Carla Maney, Soprano

Carla Maney, Lost Chord UK musician“Hi everyone I’m Carla, an Irish born soprano who has happily performed for Lost Chord UK since about 2015. I knew that my love for people and super high energy could bring joy and fun. I have been blessed with a sunny nature and would like to share it through music, singing, laughter and joy. Music heals if only for a moment so moment by moment can make a big difference!!”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Alastair Merry, Piano and voice (Baritone)

Alastair Merry, Lost Chord UK musician“I started my time with Lost Chord in 2012 whilst working as a full-time singer. I was actually booked as a pianist for this particular tour (piano is my second study) but over the years have found it a joy to be able both to sing and play for the musical sessions. The amount of wonderful music, lovely colleagues and – not least – amazing residents of the care homes I’ve encountered over the past decade has profoundly moved me. The music making appears as an ideal opportunity both for the performers and residents to explore songs and interact in a way that leaves both parties thoroughly stimulated and happy!

I also work in the fields of teaching and professional choral performance and whilst both of these are immensely fulfilling, nothing can quite match the transformation brought about by bringing music into care home residents’ lives. I feel immensely privileged to be part of this amazing charity’s work. Here’s to a further 10 years!”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Joanne McGahon, Soprano

Joanne McGahon, Musician for Lost Chord UK charity image“I am a classical singer, performing at events and concerts in the UK and abroad. I trained with ENO and I have had the privilege of working for Lost Chord since 2010! Using music to unlock memories is some of the most rewarding work I do as a musician and witnessing residents finding their voice again is both heart-warming and joyful.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Nicola Mills, Soprano

Nicola Mills, Lost Chord UK musician“I first performed for Lost Chord in 2005 and absolutely loved it. It felt like a breath of fresh air to be able to give concerts and connect with so many people, singing songs we all love, and bringing back lots of wonderful memories. Since then I have worked in opera houses around Europe for 10 years, and also in New York, starting my own initiative called Opera for the People. and have also written a tribute to Julie Andrews called ‘A Spoonful of Julie’. No matter where I sing I love to see smiles on faces. Nothing makes me happier. I love singing for Lost Chord UK and am looking forward to many more wonderful interactions with people.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Lyn O'Hara, Mezzo / Ukulele / Banjolele / Guitar

Lyn Ohara, Lost Chord UK musician“I’m a Singer. As well as offering a wide range of songs I offer something a little different. I’ve worked in the Community Arts sector and Entertainment Industry for many years so feel completely at home in your environment whatever it may be. I play with some panache and enthusiasm the Banjo, Guitar and Ukulele; the latter instrument guaranteed to raise a smile! I offer Music Hall numbers delivered with some theatrical flourishes: often with familiar Monologues. I enjoy working alongside one of many brilliant pianists who work for Lost Chord, but I’m equally able to deliver Bed to Bed or Singalongs as a soloist. I love seeing the transformations during the concerts, sharing peoples stories, a smile, watching them dance and ultimately making a difference and long may it continue.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Maciek O'Shea, Bass/Baritone

Maciek O'Shea, Lost Chord UK musician “I have been working for Lost Chord UK as a Singalong/Choir Session Leader since May 2022. It is an immense privilege and pleasure to be making music on a regular basis with residents in several London Care Homes. We enjoy singing and developing a diverse range of songs and showcasing our endeavours to family, friends and fellow residents. The Sessions take in breathing and vocal exercises, physical movement, action songs, chair-based dancing with scarves. Every Session teaches me something about the power of music to improve and transform our quality of life.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Sukey Parnell Johnson, Soprano

Sukey Parnell Johnson, Singer, Lost Chord UK Musician“I have worked for Lost Chord as a singer since 2016. I’m a passionate advocate for arts and health and from my first audition I was struck by the incredible difference music makes for people living with dementia. Since then, I’ve done many concerts, all of them unique and challenging in so many different ways, full of a complete gamut of feelings, laughter, dancing, release and healing. Sometimes the simplest things are the most profound. I shall never forget the first time singing a favourite song at a bedside and the light in my listener’s eyes. Magical.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Aled Powys Williams, Baritone

Aled Powys Williams, Lost Chord UK musician“I feel privileged to have been a part of the Lost Chord family since 2017. I’m extremely passionate about this type of work and count myself very lucky that I can share my singing talents to residents and their families across the country. The power and affect live music has during these sessions is both invaluable and immeasurable. I hope to continue to spread joy and happiness for many years to come.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Graziana Presicce, Piano

Graziana Presicce, Piano, Lost Chord UK Musician“I’m a pianist and joined the Lost Chord UK team of musicians in June 2023. Experiencing the difference music can make, through the range of emotions and the smiles it brings to people, make the Lost Chord sessions some of the most special, rewarding performances of my work. Dementia brings so many challenges, and the thought of being able to share the joy of music and distract from those difficulties, even if for a little, it’s priceless. I also have the pleasure of working alongside other fantastic musicians – making it an even more enjoyable experience! I feel very lucky to be part of LCUK and its much needed work.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Jenny Rust, Soprano

Jenny Rust, Lost Chord UK musician‘I adore performing in a Lost Chord session; I love seeing the change in people and taking them back to a positive place, allowing them to escape the reality of living with dementia for just an hour. The transformation that takes place is a privilege to see; often, an audience member will be taken back to a joyful place and transform their day.

My favorite songs to perform are from the greatest movie musicals, such as Calamity Jane, Wizard of Oz, My Fair Lady, and many more. I adore these movies and could sing them all day, every day, especially The Sound of Music! I respond to requests and love seeing the glint in people’s eyes as we perform Elvis songs, which gets everyone up and dancing!

No concert is the same, and as a musician, I enjoy the challenge of responding to emotions and the variety of repertoire. I am constantly adding new songs and exploring different pieces and different musical tastes. After a Lost Chord concert finishes, the atmosphere in the venue changes the spirits of those working or visiting the home can change the entire day. A favourite memory was seeing a Doctor dancing down the hallway once! Lost Chord is a valuable charity continually moving forward, and I am proud to be a Lost Chord UK musician.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Suzi Saperia, Soprano

Suzi Saperia, soprano Lost Chord UK Musician“I am a soprano and began working for Lost Chord in July 2022. I love to be able to share wonderful music with as many different people from as many different walks of life as possible and I always strive to make music as accessible as I can. Music is one of the biggest levellers and the strongest communication tool we possess. Whether it be performing or facilitating and encouraging others to sing too I find it the most rewarding job witnessing the power of music first hand.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Lucy Taylor, Mezzo

“I perform as a soloist and professional chorus member in many different contexts, from church services and opera galas to soundtrack recordings and BBC Proms appearances, but nothing compares to performing Lost Chord concerts. The opportunity to meet and engage with the residents in our concert venues is incredibly special – we make such direct human connections through the music we share, and are often privileged to hear beautiful memories and stories. This work has definitely been a huge part of my development as a performer over the years, and I am always excited about each new concert tour.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Hannah Tooley, Cello

Hannah Tooley, Cello, Lost Chord UK Musician“It is an absolute delight to play to all the wonderful people I meet in the Lost Chord UK concerts and to be part of such a brilliant organisation. During the sessions you see people singing, smiling, dancing and opening up. You see unengaged people suddenly perk up as they recognise the tunes and begin to sing along. Sad faces become happy faces, still bodies begin to move and the atmosphere becomes alive. The residents all have incredible stories to tell and the music brings back memories that they want to share. It truly is an absolute privilege to play in these sessions and make a difference to so many people’s lives.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Anne-Marie Wilcock, Singalong Leader

“I started volunteering for Lost Chord UK in 2010 and through that was invited by Lost Chord UK’s Founder, Helena Muller to work with the Alzheimer’s Society as a Singing for the Brain Facilitator. I did this until Lockdown, after which Clare, acknowledging the skills I had developed, invited me to lead some Singalong Sessions. Unlike other Lost Chord Musicians I am not a Professional Musician. My main work is as an NHS  Podiatrist.

I love facilitating these sessions and helping people find their voice and retrieve their memories. Everyone has a story to tell and these sessions are opportunities for individuals to be heard and valued.” Lost Chord UK Musician and Volunteer Co-ordinator

Elspeth Wilkes, Piano

Elspeth Wilkes, Lost Chord UK musician“I started working for Lost Chord back in 2008 and I am a pianist working with singers and instrumentalists. I greatly enjoy my work with Lost Chord and find the concerts extremely rewarding to be a part of. I have a keen interest in the power of music on the brain and have witnessed many times what a positive difference the sessions have made to people living with dementia and their relatives and carers. I am keen to help expand the work that Lost Chord UK does to other areas of the country and always looking at ways in which I personally can improve my contribution to the concerts.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Nigel Wears, Piano

Nigel Wears, Piano, Lost Chord UK MusicianI grew up in a Salvation Army family and playing and singing was a normal activity for all the family to do. I was taught piano by my Father until leaving home to study at Leeds College of Music. After college I embarked on a career of playing in restaurants and hotels until I was spotted by a local primary school. My school choir sang with numerous stars including the band of HM Royal Marines, Chas and Dave and Vince Hill. I was the conductor of Leeds Male Voice Choir for many years. My Mother has dementia and I have undergone some training with the Alzheimer’s Society to learn more about the condition. Music has immense power to bring memories to the surface and during my sessions I am seeking the most positive responses possible from every participant.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Julia White, Oboe / Cor Anglais / Irish Whistle / Piano

Julia White, Lost Chord UK musician“I have been working for Lost Chord UK since autumn of 2021, but have been giving performances in Care Homes, Hospitals and Hospices for about 15 years. My main instrument is oboe, but I also play cor anglais, Irish whistles, recorder and piano. I love the sense of connection between the audience and the musicians that it’s possible to create in Lost Chord concerts. Each concert is a reminder of the power of music, and of why I love being a musician.”
Lost Chord UK Musician

Rob Young, Piano

Rob Young, Piano, Lost Chord UK Musician“I’m Rob, originally from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. I had the privilege of growing up with an international tenor for a father and an actress for a mother. My musical journey kicked off back in 1990 when I became a chorister at Southwell Minster. In 1996, I continued my studies at Wells Cathedral School, where I focused on piano and clarinet, and then at the Royal College of Music in 2000.

Throughout my career, I’ve worn multiple hats as a teacher, accompanist, music therapist, organist and support worker. In 2005, I relocated to South Wales, where I continued to pursue my musical path. In 2017, I decided to further my education at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, earning a postgraduate diploma in voice.

One of the most significant decisions in my musical journey occurred in 2018 when I joined Lost Chord. I consider this a pivotal choice in my life, deeply personal because my father battled dementia. It’s a great honour for me to be able to contribute to this cause.”
Lost Chord UK Musician