Welcome to Lost Chord UK, a national charity that originated in South Yorkshire in 1999.

For 25 years, our dedicated team of professional musicians, supported by an army of committed volunteers, has been unwavering in our mission to improve the mental health and wellbeing of people living with dementia and other neurological conditions through the transformative power of interactive music. At the heart of our organisation lies the inspiring story of our founder, Helena Muller, whose personal experiences and unwavering dedication continue to shape Lost Chord’s mission to positively impact the lives of others.

Lost Chord UK's founder, Helena Muller

Helena Muller, the visionary founder of Lost Chord UK, is a pioneering figure in the field of dementia care and music therapy. Born with a passion for helping others, Helena’s journey began as she immersed herself in the world of music and its potential to heal and uplift. After completing her studies, Helena embarked on a career path that led her to ‘Live Music Now’, an organisation dedicated to providing performance opportunities for young musicians. It was during her time there that Helena witnessed the profound impact of live music on individuals living with dementia. Moved by these experiences, she recognised the need for more targeted interventions to support this vulnerable population.

In 1999, Helena took the bold step of founding Lost Chord UK, a charity aimed at bringing live music experiences to people living with dementia and other neurological conditions. Her vision was simple yet powerful: to harness the transformative power of music to enhance the quality of life for those facing cognitive challenges. Inspired by a family tragedy, Helena’s resolve to make a difference was strengthened when her younger sister, Annette, suffered a brain haemorrhage. Despite the challenges she faced, Annette found solace in the familiar melodies of Motown hits from her youth, sparking Helena’s realisation of the profound connection between music and memory.

Determined to use this insight to benefit others, Helena embarked on her mission to use music as a tool for reaching out to people with dementia. Drawing on her experience and network of talented musicians, she established Lost Chord as a beacon of hope, providing stimulating programs of classics and popular hits to people across the nation. Throughout her tenure as CEO, Helena’s commitment to her mission never wavered. She championed innovative approaches to music therapy, collaborating with researchers and healthcare professionals to explore new avenues for supporting individuals with dementia. Her efforts were recognised with numerous accolades, including the prestigious title of ‘High Sheriff for South Yorkshire’ and an ‘Honorary Doctorate from Sheffield University’. As she received her doctorate in a special ceremony at the University of Sheffield, Helena dedicated the honour to the thousands of people struggling with dementia across the country. She also paid tribute to the musicians, volunteers, and staff of Lost Chord who tirelessly worked to provide a full program of interactive musical events throughout the year.

Today, Helena’s legacy thrives within Lost Chord UK, where her pioneering spirit continues to inspire and shape Lost Chord UK’s endeavours. Her vision of a world where music serves as a potent force for healing and connection remains central to Lost Chord’s mission, ensuring that her inspiring influence reverberates for generations to come.