Dementia is becoming a real ‘buzz word’ and I do sincerely hope, because of this increased awareness, we can all look forward to an improved standard of care and a brighter future for all those struggling at present.

Our Journey

In I999 when Lost Chord was first established dementia was a ‘dirty‘ word with no one prepared to talk about it. Trying to get support for people living with dementia was like pushing a double-decker bus up a hill backwards.

However now things are beginning to change and more people are prepared to come forward and help to champion the cause.

There’s been a real sea change in the move towards the establishment of Dementia Friendly Communities and more and more people are signing up to become dementia friends!

Over 1,300 sessions a year

Lost Chord produces more than 1,300 interactive musical sessions a year in more than 100 settings, designed to stimulate responses from people with dementia through the media of music, song and dance.

We regularly receive requests for concerts from much further afield. This means we are always looking for more income generating opportunities, because we know that with extra funding, we could do so much more!

Over Twenty Years Old?

It is with great pride and admiration for all who work and volunteer for Lost Chord that we are now celebrating over twenty years of operation. These last couple of decades have been an exciting journey of discovery into the field of dementia – a huge learning curve for us all.

Getting support to help improve the lives of people with dementia has never been easy. However in the present financial climate, when every deserving charity out there is fighting for the same pocket of funding, it is becoming more difficult on a daily basis. Therefore we are enormously grateful for all your support.

Lost Chord music therapy

Still wanting to do more

Since our formation we have expanded into London, Cardiff, Warwickshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Suffolk, Nottinghamshire while still having a relationship with more than 80 homes in South Yorkshire.

Thanks to our present funders most notably the Big Lottery, Dunhill Medical, Headley Trust, May & Stanley, Community Foundation, Esmee Fairbairn, Marjorie Coote, Gerard & Diana Young and Awards for All we are able to sustain this.

With the right level of funding we could respond to the other requests we receive from all over the country.

Dementia Action Alliance

Lost Chord is now a national member of the Dementia Action Alliance which has seen an enormous reduction in the use of anti-psychotic drugs in the care of people with dementia and the promotion of early diagnosis to help plan future care.

We are also extremely proud of our links with the Great British Care Awards which has seen homes that we visit across the country receive awards for their care and compassion in the field of dementia. We feel that these awards are not only inspirational but lead to improved standards of care for everyone.