Interactive Music Sessions

Transforming communities across the UK

Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing

Our diverse team of professionally trained musicians from all walks of life, are each carefully chosen for their unique ability to connect with people in diverse community settings. From memory cafes, wellness centres, libraries, and large community events, to care homes and intimate bedside sessions in hospices, our musicians excel at engaging people with dementia and other neurological conditions, as well as their carers and service users. We prioritise a people-centric approach, harnessing the transformative power of music to foster connections and joy.

Spanning the nation, our team of 65 musicians play and perform in a wide range of instruments and vocal styles. They excel in engaging with audiences, composing, and performing music, and fostering participation. While collaboration is central to our approach, we recognise that on some occasions, people may prefer to immerse themselves in a concert-like experience and enjoy the musical performance without actively participating—and that’s perfectly fine too.

Often working in pairs our musicians are supported by a dedicated team of experienced volunteers who share their feedback and undergo training to connect with people using different techniques and approaches. Each session is tailored to the unique needs of every person we work with, focusing on bringing them joy and connection with those around them.

Our interactive music sessions are intergenerational and inclusive and target the needs of individuals with dementia and other neurological conditions, such as stroke, Parkinson’s, brain injury, and motor neurone disease. Music and interaction are combined to stimulate memories, uplift mood, increase energy levels, and promote a zest for life. They also enhance brain function, improve sleep quality, alleviate depression, and even reduce the need for certain medications.

In addition to working closely with beneficiaries, their carers, and families, we collaborate with activity managers, wellness leads, care home managers, and various community partners to ensure that our sessions have a meaningful impact. Our musicians are admired not only for their musical talents but also for their interactive and collaborative approach, as well as their dedication to seeking out and forming important connections.

These connections often lead to magical moments where people, even those who may have been non-verbal or unresponsive for months or years, connect with a song and activate a lost memory, reconnecting and reuniting them with their loved ones. These moments are truly invaluable and highlight the profound impact that our interactive music sessions have on people’s lives.


Lost Chord UK's Musicians

“I can’t explain how happy everyone was. Everyone sang and engaged with each other, smiling and laughing. People that had never met before laughed like old friends. People were not embarrassed to dance or show emotion – I can’t put the atmosphere into words – it was amazing and lifted the soul.”

A service user in Yorkshire.


Supporting people at grassroots at all stages of their journey

Creating Impact, Improving Lives

Our talented teams, including concert pianists, singers, percussionists, and music therapists, work across diverse settings, from care homes to end-of-life care. Regardless of their role, our focus remains on improving the quality of life for each person, with tangible benefits such as stimulating memory, lifting mood, improving sleep, reducing anxiety, and alleviating pain reducing the need for certain medication. Through the transformative power of music, we strive to renew a person’s sense of self, to reconnect them with their loved ones and provide hope and joy in their lives.

Supporting Communities

In community sessions, our musician leaders transform audiences into choirs, and singers into songwriters and musicians, uncovering hidden talents and unique perspectives. They build support networks, boost confidence, and reduce social isolation, providing respite and improving mental health and wellbeing. Many choir members go on to new roles and give back to the community, completing a fulfilling circle. If you would like to talk to us about being a community partner please see our Lost Chord UK Community Partner Pledge.

Care Settings

In care home settings, our professional musicians work collaboratively, engaging people and their carers through the power of music. Using various instruments and tools, they focus on stimulating memories and encouraging interaction, lifting spirits, stimulating and turbo charging memory. They facilitate conversations and connections, using music as a universal language to transform experiences.

Thank you for considering Lost Chord UK, where every session is an opportunity to create joy, connection, and lasting memories.

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Charitable Subsidised Sessions:

To help cover the costs of each music session, we request a minimum contribution of £75. This amount partially offsets the session cost, which totals £200 plus any related expenses incurred by the charity. We appreciate any consideration of additional contributions to help bridge the £125 shortfall per session, enabling us to reach more beneficiaries. Charitable funds are raised through public fundraising and where possible charitable trusts, allowing us to extend our reach and impact on those we support.

At-Cost Sessions:

Lost Chord UK offers non-subsidised music sessions priced at £200 plus expenses for special occasions, securing longer-term or annual booking slots, or instances where carers and relatives prefer to self-fund a session. For further information, please feel free to inquire separately.

Availability information:
Lost Chord UK’s interactive music sessions are in high demand and meticulously coordinated, taking into account various factors such as key service locations, scheduling, the availability of our professional musicians, and managing demand levels. We prioritise and honour commitments for our highly subsidised charitable services. While we welcome inquiries about our sessions, please note that bookings cannot be made directly without prior coordination and arrangement that considers these factors.