Volunteer for Lost Chord Dementia Charity

“Fun is a key part of a Lost Chord concert and responses of all kinds are encouraged: singing along, listening, playing a tambourine, chair dancing, dancing a waltz, answering questions about music…anything goes!” – Hannah Rowlands
Volunteering at Lost Chord, Hannah Rowling

Becoming a Volunteer with Lost Chord Dementia Charity

At Lost Chord, we are dependent on volunteers to help with:

Concerts in homes – Helping the residents engage in music sessions.
Office support – Admin support for the office, a few hours a week.
Social Media – Helping keep our web activities up to date.
Fundraising – Helping us raise funds to take more homes off our growing waiting list.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering please call us for an informal chat or you can email us.

Lost Chord volunteer with carers and residents

Document Downloads

Below are some forms which you can download if you are interested in volunteering for the Lost Chord charity.

Download: Volunteer Tasks – Office Assistant
Download: Lost Chord Volunteer Policy
Download: Training Programme – Volunteers & Carers

Volunteer Perspective from Clare Keen

Clare, Lost Chord VolunteerAs a Lost Chord volunteer I have quite a few memorable moments and here’s one I’d like to share with you. One venue I go to regularly has a resident called, let’s say, Alec who usually seems to make a show of ‘distancing himself ‘ from the concert by either reading the newspaper or not hearing us when we speak to him or pretending we said something else. However, he does always attend the concerts even though he may get up and move to the far end of the room. He certainly does not want to appear to actively participate (but he does have a peep at us when he thinks we’re not looking).

On this latest occasion, however, he just could not resist. The singer was new to this venue and she got a wonderful atmosphere going in the room and just would not give up on Alec. I thought he might retreat further but no, on the contrary, his defences dissolved and his face relaxed into huge smiles while the newspaper was chucked aside on the floor. Song after song we wooed and serenaded him while he lay back in his chair and beamed. And when he got up to leave the room/go to the loo our singer grabbed the opportunity for a dance and sure enough he was whirling around and laughing as we’d never seen him. By the end he was blowing kisses and asking us to come back soon.

I have to say, our musicians are fabulous; they are miracle workers. I have always found that music enters our being in a very secret and magical way and has the power to transform mood, restore memories and lift the spirit. And time after time I see this happening in care homes and dementia lunch clubs etc all around the region whenever Lost Chord come to play.