Lost Chord UK are very proud of Clare Langan, after she set herself her own Superhero challenge to run the Saltzburg Marathon on the 21st May.

Lost Chord UK Superhero Fundraising CampaignThere’s no better setting for promoting the incredible work that Lost Chord UK’s musicians are doing than in one of Europe’s most musical cities. Salzburg is not only the birthplace of Mozart but also the setting for The Sound of Music, which is one of Clare’s favourite films.

Clare proved her Wonder Woman credentials in 2022 when she launched the South Yorkshire dementia charity’s new Superhero Challenge and headed the fundraising with her own running and meditation event.

“I did it!!!! – I did it because of the love and support of so many people. I can’t begin to tell you the magical experiences I had! I still had energy to play a bit of flute at the finish line and I played Scotland the Brave as I finished in honour of Eric Liddel. I met an amazing Scot called Ian who helped me and a beautiful German Lady called Jenny: we buddied up and supported each other and that is how it is in life. I am blessed I could do this and for such an incredible cause as well.


0.01% of the world population finish a marathon each year. If I can do it consider it yourself.


Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and all your well wishes. If you would like to help  get me to £3000 there is still time – that would be 15 interactive music sessions that will impact the lives of SO many people – the people living with dementia, their families when they see a loved one speak for the first time in months after having been non verbal, the carers who see the person they have looked after come alive with a beloved piece of music, the musicians who often say to me it is the “best job in the world”.


If you can spare £2.62 which is sponsoring me 10p per very hot mile it would be amazing. The time was laughable but it wasn’t about the time it was about showing myself that in spite of everything I could do it. I set myself the challenge and I did it. If I can do it and you’re wondering if you can – I am telling you that you definitely can.”

To find out more about the Lost Chord Superhero Challenge simply visit the Lost Chord UK Facebook charity page at facebook.com/lostchordmaltby or to make a donation click on the button below.