Lost Chord UK Choir of Hope, bereavement workshops

Open to all who feel bereaved…

in whatever way… Perhaps you have lost a loved one, perhaps you have lost a job, perhaps you are living through the long goodbye of dementia…
“Although I’ve been a singer in and helped with many choirs throughout my life, I’ve never had the responsibility of leading a choir by myself. When I was asked to take on this responsibility I did so with fear and trepidation but once I met this group of incredible humans I knew that we were all starting this beautiful journey together and as we rehearsed together their confidence and mine flourished, culminating in an amazing concert of joy and hope!”
Music Session Leader

A new beginning

Join Lost Chord UK professional musicians three times a month from September to December. Over 10 unique sessions of healing and journeying we will find our voice amidst the loss. In addition to singing inspirational songs of comfort we will write together songs, guided by our highly trained musicians, which will be performed at our Concert of Thanksgiving with special guest performances.

Jon Courtenay, a Winner of Britain’s Got Talent and LCUK Patron.For example; we were delighted to have a special guest performance from Jon Courtenay, Winner of Britain’s Got Talent and LCUK Patron.

Having completed a very successful pilot scheme for this event in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Lost Chord are now rolling out this specialist programme of workshops to other parts of the UK.

Lost Chord UK Choir of Hope, bereavement workshops
“I would like to highly recommend the Choir of hope music workshops…they have made me feel really warm and happy and I have made lots of great new friends!”  Music session attendee.
“Lost Chord Choir of Hope saved me.”  Music session attendee.

To find out more or to make a booking, please get in touch. We would love to share with you just how effective these sessions have been for so many people struggling with bereavement.