In December 2021, after 14 years of dedicated service as a Trustee, South Yorkshire born, international concert pianist, Benjamin Frith, became the Chairman of Lost Chord. Last week Ben attended the London auditions and shared exciting news of a project he has recently been working on. Lost Chord is never far from his mind and he sees parallels with the effect of our interactive music sessions within his fascinating new project. Ben shares with us his latest ground breaking work:

“As pianist in the Gould Piano Trio, my colleagues and I have been helping Dr. Graham Griffiths give life to a previously forgotten piano trio by Leokadiya Kashperova, a piece recently discovered by him in the Moscow State Library. There were just the notes in pencil, without any expression markings, so we have tried to complete it as we imagine she would have wished, the final draft soon to be published by Boosey and Hawkes.

The trio dates from 1931; all her previous trios-her favourite medium as a composer -were lost in the upheaval of the 1917 Revolution and she was unable to recall these works at all! But for Graham’s tireless research, this later piano trio would also have been forgotten by the world at large.

The piece often seems to hark back to less turbulent times, particularly in its tender slow movement and playful Scherzo. This is the aspiration of Lost Chord; to unlock the happy memories of people with dementia and bring them back to life.”

Check the link below to find out where you can hear Ben perform this stunning new work live…