LCUK featured in Alzheimer's Society magazine, Dementia Together
Lost Chord UK charity are delighted to be featured in Alzheimer’s Dementia together magazine.

Alzheimers Society logoWe have run music sessions for people with dementia for over 20 years. Jessica Hubbard from the Alzheimer’s Society joined some of our events in Sheffield and Newark to see for herself just how music creates joy in our sessions.

Our charity has expanded from working in 11 residential homes in Rotherham to having ‘satellite’ schemes across England and Wales. LCUK now delivers multiple choirs, singalongs, virtual and one-to-one sessions, and music workshops every month.

In every session the lives of attendees, including residents, clients, carers, relatives, volunteers or musicians, are improved for the better.

Clare Langan, flautist, says, ‘The sessions, be they in a care home, community setting, a workshop or a bedside one-to-one, are truly amazing.


‘It is a thing of such beauty – having a 70-year old gentleman say to me, “Clare, I am 70 and have never done anything musical my entire life and now I have dementia I have written a song… and performed it!” It’s amazing.’

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To find out more or to make a booking, please get in touch. We would love to share with you just how effective these sessions have been for so many people.

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