Lost Chord has to raise over £290,000 every year just to keep our current musical programme running in over 130 residential care homes around the country.

Our Main Funders this year

May & Stanley Charitable Trust
Awards for All England
Awards For All Wales
Alex & William De Winton Trust
Henry Smith

Recent Donations

Collecting Tins

Andy & Anne Marie Wilcock £20.00
Black Lion, Firbeck £19.42
Crags Store, Maltby £37.50
Jane Hartley £7.93
Kev’s Shoe Repairs, Maltby £26.27
Old Vicarage Nursing Home, Worksop £22.23
Yates Wine Bar £55.48

Donations in Memory of

Helen Davies £20.00
Helen Davies £20.00
Mr Dennis David Adamson £150.00
Mr John Wiltchinsky £250.00
Mrs Ann MacCormac £100.00
Mrs Irene Blanche Hinsley £137.81
Mrs Norah Parish £250.00

Recent Donations

Anne Marie Wilcock – Dinner Party £65.00
Anne Marie Wilcock – Dinner Party £65.00
BHP proceeds from tuck shop £200.00
C G & S M Murray Charitable Fund £5,000.00
Colin Spence 
- Chairman of Suffolk County Council £4,053.50
Collecting Tin – David Webster Dancing £150.00
Donation from musicians CD sales £200.00
Holy Week Collection – St Joseph’s Parish £125.00
Marks Three performance at St Mark’s Friendship Club £30.00
Medics Orchestra Concert £183.27
Mike Yates Not So Big Band £233.44
Monday Morning Coffee Club via May Johnson £100.00
Mr Arthur Moore £1,000.00
Mr C Grunwerg by request for Mr & Mrs J Boot £100.00
Mr Neil Sheehan £50.00
Mr P Buckle £375.00
Mr Peter Lauener £600.00
Mr R L D Cochrane £50.00
Mr Stephen Massarella £250.00
Mrs A M R Cooper £100.00
Mrs R P Hopkins £20.00
Ms Kathy Diemert £200.00
North Anston Methodist Church £100.00
Roger & Jean Jefcoate Trust £3,000.00
Rotary Club of Abbeydale Trust Fund £817.00
Rotary Club of Doncaster St Georges £990.00
Sheffield University Medics Orchastra £2,158.66
South Yorkshire Community Foundation £2,500.00
SSP – The Food Travel Experts £1,000.00
The Amadeus Lodge £1,000.00
The Cutlers Company Charitable Trust £1,000.00
The Helping Hands £157.63
The Sheffield Club £250.00
United Methodist Church, Clifton, Rotherham £262.31
Vintage Voices £85.00

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Lost Chord would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all our supporters.
We simply would not be able to do this crucial work without you.