Lost Chord has to raise over £290,000 every year just to keep our current musical programme running in over 130 residential care homes around the country.
The Henry Smith Charity, Founded in 1628
Big Lottery Fund, Awards for All
May & Stanley Smith Charitable Trust

Our Main Funders this year

May & Stanley Charitable Trust
Awards for All England
Awards For All Wales
Alex & William De Winton Trust
Henry Smith

Recent Donations

Collecting Tins

Andy & Anne Marie Wilcock £20.00
Black Lion, Firbeck £19.42
Crags Store, Maltby £37.50
Jane Hartley £7.93
Kev’s Shoe Repairs, Maltby £26.27
Old Vicarage Nursing Home, Worksop £22.23
Yates Wine Bar £55.48

Donations in Memory of

Helen Davies £20.00
Helen Davies £20.00
Mr Dennis David Adamson £150.00
Mr John Wiltchinsky £250.00
Mrs Ann MacCormac £100.00
Mrs Irene Blanche Hinsley £137.81
Mrs Norah Parish £250.00

Would you like to help us?
Recent Donations

Anne Marie Wilcock – Dinner Party £65.00
Anne Marie Wilcock – Dinner Party £65.00
BHP proceeds from tuck shop £200.00
C G & S M Murray Charitable Fund £5,000.00
Colin Spence 
- Chairman of Suffolk County Council £4,053.50
Collecting Tin – David Webster Dancing £150.00
Donation from musicians CD sales £200.00
Holy Week Collection – St Joseph’s Parish £125.00
Marks Three performance at St Mark’s Friendship Club £30.00
Medics Orchestra Concert £183.27
Mike Yates Not So Big Band £233.44
Monday Morning Coffee Club via May Johnson £100.00
Mr Arthur Moore £1,000.00
Mr C Grunwerg by request for Mr & Mrs J Boot £100.00
Mr Neil Sheehan £50.00
Mr P Buckle £375.00
Mr Peter Lauener £600.00
Mr R L D Cochrane £50.00
Mr Stephen Massarella £250.00
Mrs A M R Cooper £100.00
Mrs R P Hopkins £20.00
Ms Kathy Diemert £200.00
North Anston Methodist Church £100.00
Roger & Jean Jefcoate Trust £3,000.00
Rotary Club of Abbeydale Trust Fund £817.00
Rotary Club of Doncaster St Georges £990.00
Sheffield University Medics Orchastra £2,158.66
South Yorkshire Community Foundation £2,500.00
SSP – The Food Travel Experts £1,000.00
The Amadeus Lodge £1,000.00
The Cutlers Company Charitable Trust £1,000.00
The Helping Hands £157.63
The Sheffield Club £250.00
United Methodist Church, Clifton, Rotherham £262.31
Vintage Voices £85.00

Lost Chord would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all our supporters.
We simply would not be able to do this crucial work without you.